Enter for a chance to win $300 in Cashword Scratch tickets!

There will be a monthly drawing for each Bonus Play Cashword game starting in April. If you are entering a $3 Bonus Play Cashword ticket code, you will be entered to win the monthly $300 in Cashword tickets. HOLD ON TO YOUR ENTERED TICKETS! You will need them to verify that you are the winner!

Game Number Game Name Monthly Prize
1703 Green Line Cashword $300 CASHWORD TICKETS
1669 Caterpillar Cashword $300 CASHWORD TICKETS

All entries must entered by noon (12:00 p.m.) MT on the last day of the month. Tickets entered after that time and date will be entered into the next drawing. Entries are good for only one drawing, so enter each month for more chances to win!

Click here to see official rules.

Prize tickets subject to change based on availability.

Interactive Game Outcomes

Reveal Prize
3 Words 1 Entry
4 Words 3 Entries
5 Words 5 Entries
6 Words 7 Entries
7 Words 10 Entries
8 Words 15 Entries
9 Words 20 Entries
10 Words 25 Entries